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At True Cleaning Solutions (TCS), we understand that disasters strike unexpectedly, leaving behind fire damage, water damage, or mold infestations. With our 24/7 readiness, we stand as dedicated partners to restoration contractors, offering emergency services to facilities of any size in dire need. Our highly trained teams excel in combating smoke damage, soot buildup, and microbial growth, using specialized products to restore your air conveyance system to optimal health.

Expert Restoration Solutions, Unmatched Care

With our Complete Restoration Solutions, we provide a suite of services designed to address every aspect of your facility’s recovery. From 24/7 emergency response to swift scope development and proposal turnaround, we ensure that restoration efforts commence promptly. Our thorough inspections of potential loss sites allow us to craft tailored restoration plans, while our advanced air duct cleaning, smoke/odor treatments, and microbial treatments rejuvenate your indoor environment. Count on us for filter change-out services, grille/diffuser protection during remediation, flex duct replacement, AHU/RTU cleaning, and comprehensive project reports with photographic evidence. When restoration is your priority, choose TCS for unmatched care and expertise.

Experience Reliable Restoration Solutions

  • 24/7 Response: Count on TCS’s swift response at any hour to address emergency restoration needs promptly.

  • Quick Scope, Workplan, and Proposal Turnaround: We expedite the process, providing detailed scopes of work and proposals promptly to initiate restoration efforts swiftly.

  • Inspections of Potential Loss Site: Our thorough inspections assess the extent of damage, enabling us to develop precise restoration plans tailored to your facility’s needs.

  • Air Duct Cleaning: TCS’s expert air duct cleaning removes contaminants, ensuring your indoor air quality is restored to pre-loss conditions.

  • Specialized Smoke / Odor Treatments: Utilizing advanced treatments, we combat stubborn smoke odors, restoring a fresh environment.

  • Specialized Microbial Treatments: Our targeted microbial treatments eliminate mold and harmful microorganisms, safeguarding the health of occupants.

  • Filter Change Out Service: TCS provides filter change out services during restoration and construction activities to maintain air quality.

  • Grille / Diffuser Filtration During Remediation / Construction: Our meticulous approach includes protecting grilles and diffusers during remediation or construction to prevent further contamination.

  • Flex Duct Replacement: We expertly replace damaged flex ducts to ensure optimal airflow and efficiency.

  • AHU / RTU Cleaning: Our thorough cleaning of air handling units and rooftop units enhances system performance.

  • Project Report Including Photographs: Receive comprehensive project reports, including photographic documentation, detailing the restoration process and results.

Experience Unparalleled Restoration Services with TCS

At TCS, we prioritize your facility’s well-being and ensure efficient, effective restoration services tailored to your specific needs. Trust our experienced teams to restore peace of mind, alleviate the impact of catastrophes, and provide exceptional restoration solutions when you need them the most. Contact us today to experience true reliability and expertise in restoration services.

Solutions For You

Homeowners and facility managers choose True Cleaning Solutions (TCS) for Restoration Services due to their proven track record in swift and effective recovery. With 24/7 emergency response, TCS tackles fire damage, water damage, and mold infestations, restoring air conveyance systems to optimal health. Whether residential or commercial, TCS’s comprehensive solutions, meticulous inspections, and project documentation ensure a seamless path to recovery. Trust TCS as your reliable partner in restoring properties to pre-loss conditions.

Frequent Questions

True Cleaning Solutions (TCS) offers restoration services for various disasters, including fire damage, water damage, and mold infestations, providing comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

TCS is ready to respond 24/7 to emergency restoration situations, ensuring a swift and efficient restoration process to minimize further damage and alleviate the impact of disasters.

TCS stands out for its unmatched expertise, dedication to prompt response, and proven track record in delivering effective restoration solutions, resulting in peace of mind for homeowners and facility managers alike.

Our specialized smoke and odor treatments target stubborn smoke residues, effectively eliminating odors and restoring a fresh and clean indoor environment.

Yes, TCS’s highly trained teams excel in microbial treatments and mold remediation, ensuring a safe and healthy living or working environment.

Absolutely! As part of our restoration process, TCS provides filter change-out services to maintain air quality and prevent further contamination.

TCS takes meticulous care to protect grilles and diffusers during remediation or construction, safeguarding your HVAC system and preventing damage.

Yes, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle high surface and rafter cleaning, ensuring every nook and cranny of your property is thoroughly restored.

Yes, TCS offers restoration services for both residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. We tailor our solutions to the unique needs of each property.